Farewell For Now

I’m seventeen and three days away from officially graduating high school. I don’t have my license yet and now realize it’s a lot harder than I thought to say goodbye to my favorite teacher.

Graduating only started to feel real once I made my first college schedule. Two Monday courses, a Tuesday all to myself, two back to back evening courses, and a required English course on Friday. I am most definitely excited to graduate, but before I graduate, I think it’s time I’ve reflected on the past year through an extremely overdue blog post.

This year has been strange. I started to pack my own lunch and discovered DoorDash delivers really amazing Thai food. I started to realize that I hate working on familiar projects. I cried over a cornucopia filled with disturbingly creepy heads.  I learned that going to the pond with people that aren’t necessarily your friends isn’t the greatest idea. I’ve learned that it is okay and sometimes necessary to make bad decisions. I’ve learned that crying to your favorite teacher in his office while workshops continue outside is completely okay. I’ve learned that life will always continue.

For the first few years of my high school career, I never experienced anything more stressful than a poor essay grade or a brief disagreement with a family member. I’ve always worn platform shoes and picked up hot lunch in the front of the school. I spent a lot of time walking on eggshells, avoiding error, conflict or anything or that sort of nature. I always apologized for things that weren’t quite my fault and I always made sure to divide my lunch with at least four other people. I tried unbelievably hard to be the most liked and the funniest person in the class. I also never showed up in sweatpants to school.

As my graduation nears, I accept an undefined territory with that realization that mistakes are meant to be made, feelings are supposed to get hurt once in a while, and this goodbye is just a see you later.