I found myself incapable of completing the heads. Now this is where my process comes into play. I was ready to hand in a mere four heads. I was ready to stop a two week long process with four heads. Pathetic, I know. I began to hand out clay to everyone in the class. An artist has a team, right? If I was going to finish these heads, I was not about to slave another two weeks of time that I don’t have to boredom. I began to pass out the small styrofoam balls to my teachers, my peers, anyone. Tons of artists have artist that work with them. Yes, I know. I am not well known, established, accomplished, or rich, but I can try. Chihuly has a team and in no way am I putting myself on the same level as Chihuly. My sculptures are not exhibited in botanical gardens. I began to slowly make it to five heads. I reached my limit ten, and I finished with thirteen. The last few heads were molded by a collaborative team of hands.

Before I undermined the talent of artists who relied on other artists. I didn’t really admire them as much or hold them to the same standard of individual artists. I realize now that my judgement was mislead and poorly judged. Art is art as long as the artist is able to finish. Handing something incomplete is not a product, it’s an attempt. I can say this because trust me I’ve handed in plenty of attempts. Not finishing something is a waste of time. Why bother if you’re not going to finish. Tedious and incomplete artwork results in a waste of time. I cannot sugar coat it. It’s just a waste of time. I don’t have any time to waste. It’s not an indulgence I have to waste. Time is a competitor. I am competing against my own poor sense of judgement and management. These are things I have yet to conquer. Then again, if I have nothing left to conquer I’m back at my original stage: boredom. No longer bored, my heads are complete.


There is no art in stalling. Just a reminder: Do Not Pick A Familiar Project. Experiment.